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All You Need To Know About Travel Posters

All You Need To Know About Travel Posters

Rob Little |

All You Need to Know About Travel Posters

Seeing the world's greatest and most fascinating wonders being depicted in the form of vibrant illustrations and paintings of other lands has a beautifully evocative effect. The combination of the colours, atmosphere and tone entices the eager traveller to embark on a visual journey.

Even while nationalism after World War II made travelling abroad a little more challenging, advancements in rail and ship systems gave it a chic air of luxury and adventure. The rapid advancement of technology added to the exhilaration.

Graphic designers contributed to the desire for places such as Paris and London by creating attractive posters and travel art that glamorised both locations and their inhabitants—all of whom appeared to be dressed in the newest fashion trends.

Resort towns that very few people had heard of, like Nice and Vichy, also benefited from this type of promotion.

The warm neutrals of sand and sunlight, as well as the coppery tones of suntans, were commonly used in the colour language of vintage travel posters and travel prints. Silvery greens brought seas and rivers to life, and olives and browns brought vitality to the countryside.

Travelling in itself is a source of immense happiness. Still, when you have the ability to save and collect travel posters from the locations you've seen, it creates a whole new wanderlust-inspiring narrative.

Travel posters provide easy access to landscapes, monuments, and memories most of all. They are the ideal souvenir to commemorate your travel and the adventures you had on your trip.


The History of Travel Posters

Travel posters were initially exclusively created for advertising purposes. However, we can now purchase and collect trip posters and preserve them in our secure and modest homes due to the ever-expanding world of art.

The first travel posters were made in the 19th century when Jules Chéret popularised the use of high-speed colour lithography. This opened the door for the use of art in industrial and commercial printing at the time throughout Europe.

Everything from bicycles to liquor was promoted with these art deco travel posters.

Even now, we still utilise amusing variations of travel posters to promote different locations to visit.

Travel posters have developed into collections, souvenirs, and holiday memories, as would be expected in the ever-expanding world of art.


Why Collect Travel Posters?

Finding a purpose for collecting travel posters is not difficult at all. Actually, they provide us with far more than simply a piece of travel print. They are so much more.

Travel posters, especially those with a retro or vintage aesthetic, continue to be a highly sought-after item. They make excellent investments since they are viewed as assets that increase in value.

Vintage travel posters are expensive and keep going up in value since you are essentially paying for the craftsmanship and nostalgia of a certain time period.

Collectors have a wide selection of themes that promote domestic or international travel.

Nothing is more unique than seeing your favourite cities' landscapes in an illustrated format. Travel posters enable those who have travelled the world to reflect warmly on the places they visited and evoke recollections of their time there. Travel posters serve as more than simply decorative wall accents; they also serve as a way to remember locations you have visited or places you hope to visit in the future.

It's simple to recreate those unique vacations and bring back great memories from the comfort of your own home, thanks to vibrant colours and bright patterns that showcase breathtaking locales worldwide.

These trip posters will undoubtedly transform your house into a home by adding colour to the walls and creating a friendly atmosphere for guests.



Vintage & Contemporary Travel Posters

Whether they are antique, retro, or contemporary, there is just so much to appreciate about travel posters.

Since then, as trends changed, poster art has developed and still varies in style. This covers modernism, art nouveau, and art deco. They were essential design elements of the travel poster period.

We can now appreciate this excellent art form with a modern spin.

Starting a collection of hand-drawn and painted travel posters can be a good idea if you're looking for something unique that highlights popular vacation places with a modern, minimalistic flair.

You can create your own gallery at home or the office using the comprehensive and vast assortment of World Travel Posters. You can also indulge in the dazzling recollections of your preferred locations whenever you choose.

The environmentally friendly collection spans a huge geographic range, with images from the USA (such as the gorgeous New York City skyline poster), the UK (majestic Edinburgh), Europe (romantic nightlife of Paris), Canada (Niagara Falls), Central America (Costa Rica print), South America, Asia, Australia, and Africa.

Browse the whole collection to discover tranquil wall prints that capture the beauty of the world's most breathtaking landscapes.


Colour Theory and Styling

These creative vignettes are intended to stimulate feelings, bring back pleasant memories, and instil aspirations. However, before you start collecting vacation posters and decorating your house and office, you should pick ones that meet your aesthetic preferences and fit your space to show off your favourite trips and tell your loved ones about them.

To get started, look for the perfect wall to display your collection. Travel posters in complimentary colours can be purchased to match the wall's decorations to best bring the room together.

For example, if you have a wall with a deep purple hue, you can mix and match it with vintage travel posters with yellow undertones to add some balance to the dark background. This evokes feelings of vibrancy, intrigue, and intensity at the same time. You could also use a similar approach and purchase a monochromatic vacation poster to add more layers of one hue.

Always ensure that your framing and style are clean and simple while hanging or preserving them. If you really want to make a statement, use black frames and tie multiple patterns together for maximum visual impact.

You can decide to put them on display in the living room so that your visitors can have a good look at them.

Another method to exhibit your favourite travel poster is to place it in the spotlight by mounting it on an antique easel. There are no restrictions on how you choose to express your creativity.



Buy the Best Travel Posters

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